Amara (amara_anon) wrote in quirkycomics,

Weird Little Comics For Sale

This community is perfect for me--I've been going through my comic book collection to sell, and I found a bunch of weird little independent titles.

Oni Press comics for sale here - Includes Blue Monday, Hopeless Savages, Jingle Belle, Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob, and more.

Other independent titles for sale here - Simpsons, Futurama, TMNT, and really independent stuff you never hear of

I will be listing Buffy and Angel comics soon. I'm also selling lots of mainstream comics as well.

Prices - Most comics are priced under 1 dollar. Many comics have no price listed and are open to offers.

Shipping costs - I only charge what the post office charges me, no handling fees.

Thanks for looking!
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