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quirkycomics's Journal

For fans of weird little comics!
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Welcome to the Quirky Comics community!

Who are we?
-This is a community for fans of comics and graphic novels, who aren't afraid to admit to it, and want to join other fans in discussing the things they love :)
This is not a community for action-type comics, such as The Incredible Hulk or X-men. As popular as they are, I'm afraid they are not what this community is aimed at.

This place is for the likes of Gloomcookie, Johnny The Homicidal Maniac, Lenore, Ghost World,, and many, many more besides!
Whatever genre you're into, come and discuss it here!

Talk about any sorts of comics.
Serious graphic novels, such as The Crow or Spooked, or funnier comics, such as Blue Monday or Patrick, The Wolf-Boy.

What to do here
-You can review comics/issues, talk about characters, open up discussions about series, post news about comics, or their creators, or even get creative and post your fanfictions, fan art, or maybe even let us see your own comics!

-Just a few rules!
♥ If you are wanting to post an image which is fairly large (say, bigger than 500 X 500), please either resize it, or post it behind a cut.
♥ If you're posting more than one image, post one first, then put the rest behind a cut.
♥ When discussing issues of comics/outcomes of graphic novels in depth, so not to ruin the ending, various plots, etc, for other members, put the information behind a cut.
♥ And of course, have fun!

So there you go.
Hope you enjoy your stay at Quirky Comics!

-cobweb_grey, maintainer.